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Demonoid - Riders Of The Apocalypse

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 09/09/2004 | Comments: 7 | Rate:

For all you that have ever bitched about Therion adding classical music and opera into their steez... this is for you. It contains 3 members of therion, and the ex-drummer from Soilwork/Chimaira. And I must say this absolutely took my breath away.

The theme of the CD is the Riders of The Apocalypse... in the jacket they claim that the bible and koran are full of malarky except the scripts in Revelation containing information about the four horsemen that will ride the world cleansing it of all sinners. So basically the songs are broken up into three parts: the crimes of mankind; the punishment of the gods and calling of the riders; and the riders showing up and ending the world of humanity. It crafts an amazing musical adventure that would leave any pothead reaching for his bowl, smiling.

The music is basically how I feel Therion would have sounded had they never added the classical feel to it. It is so intense that it sometimes will overtake you. Ranging from fast parts, melodic metal symohonies, solos, and slow gloomy atmospheric interludes, this release is nothing short of genius. And even at times it can be extremely brutal. And seeing as who is making this music, it is not suprising at all. I will be spinning this CD for weeks, months, maybe forever.

And on a last note..... just look at that cover art, the entire layout will leave you enthralled... it matches the music perfectly, and this release is an absolute MUST HAVE for any self respecting metalhead.

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vanilla gorilla
213,604 Posts
you're fuckin nuts.
Short ass spinkick
28 Posts
dude Therion rocks, and this band rocks. great shit right here.
vanilla gorilla
213,604 Posts
I have no legs!
104 Posts
Never heard them, but I will look into downloading some songs. From the review, they seem pretty badass.
2,507 Posts
this shit is awesome.
2,477 Posts
this band = the shit
Les Paul
25 Posts
Garbage? haha you are nuts! these guys fucking jam on this cd. bad ass snappy solo's on this cd too

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