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Dikembe - Broad Shoulders

JustCan'tHateEnough   (8 reviews)

Posted: 09/07/2012 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

There are albums that grow on you over time and there are albums that instantly grab your attention. Broad Shoulders by Dikembe instantly grabbed my attention. This is just good, plain and simple. Everything on this album works for me. The vocals, guitar work, rhythm section everything fits exactly how it should.

I listen to a lot of bands like the Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Mineral and Promise Ring. To me this was the peak of this type of music. This would fit in perfectly if it was released on Crank records in the 90's. This band is from Gainsville Florida and it comes through in their music. The birth place of such bands such as Hot Water Music and Against Me! you can tell they grew up listening to these bands and took in what they had to offer and then made it their own.

To me the guitar work on "Broad Shoulders" is amazing. It isn't mind blowing from a technical stand point, but it does a great job of not trying to overdo it. I love that they use a clean guitar sound for most of the album. The guitar work also does a great job of laying melodies over the entire album. The drumming is also very solid on this album. It does a great job of keeping everything together and gives the music a driving force.

A great thing about this CD is that I get the feeling that this band didn't force their sound at all. What you hear is what just came to them. Everything feels very organic on this album. Take the track "Not today angel". I don't think they set out to make a song that sounded like "Brand New". It just happened that way. I also think they did a better job at it than Brand New every could.

I honestly could go on and on about how much I like this album, but I won't. All I have to say is that if you are a fan of bands like Hot Water Music, Jimmy Eat World, etc... You will like this band. I highly recommend you pick up Dikembe's new album "Broad Shoulders" You will not be disappointed. This album reminds me how wonderful this style of music can be, and judging by this it can be pretty damn wonderful.

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great band/great record.
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