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Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 07/01/2004 | Comments: 84 | Rate:

I have to admit I've never really been a fan of this band but I will say this release blew me away. I always knew their technical skills were far and above the majority of the hardcore bands out there, and this CD makes that opinion concrete fact. Their intense starts/stops and songwriting prowess is displayed in a way that I have never heard of them. They also have quite a good range of variety, mixing in rock and roll influence along with some clean sung vocals, some screaming, and mind bending mathamatical complication that cannot be rivalled by many bands out nowadays.

My favorite track on this CD as 'Phone Home', a gloomy and extremely technically twisted ad offbeat ditty that is comparable to putting your nuts in a blender and smiling the entire time. This is the trademark of all their songs... variety, creativity, and not giving a shit what anyone thinks about their music. There is even a track that sounds a whole lot like Nine Inch Nails, it's obvious that Reznor and his crew have influenced DEP quite a bit.

Although I can still say this will never be one of my favorite bands due to the fact that it's just not really my style, I will say these guys have more talent than not only all the slop on MTV but most of the underground scene as well, and will continue to bulldoze their way to popularity by using the same formula and staying true to their musical integrity. They will only continue to get more popular, and I say good for them.

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poon tang
126 Posts
YES Dillinger owns!
3,763 Posts
Did this even come out yet or did you get it in advance?
vanilla gorilla
213,604 Posts
this is an advance they sent me today
Looks Like You...
25 Posts
I love dillinger, I heard they tour with strobe lights...

I know yall love a strobe pit ;)
24 Posts
Highly anticipating this release.
I have no legs!
7,056 Posts
i really cant wait for this cd
36 Posts
I want it. Now.
Duke Earl
5,526 Posts
Originally posted by:CarbonCopyKiller

I want it. Now.

7,951 Posts
i can't wait for this.
I have no legs!
1,757 Posts
my copy should be leaving relapse in a couple of days!!!!
Corndog McAssmuffi
2,096 Posts
good to hear.... Cant wait for it to drop
pittsburgh flounde
187 Posts
I have no legs!
8,504 Posts
damnit, cbrickhouse, you're a lucky man. i wanna hear that cd! do you get advanced copies of every good cd?
I have no legs!
32,578 Posts
2nd best CD of the year.
vanilla gorilla
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Originally posted by:sinai

damnit, cbrickhouse, you're a lucky man. i wanna hear that cd! do you get advanced copies of every good cd?

well seeing as how i run a site that gets 60,000+ people a day on it, i sure hope so.

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