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Dwele - Wants World Women

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 09/28/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Since early 2000 with the self release of "Rize", Andwele Gardner has been forging ahead making a name for himself as a soul/r & b singer. I only had heard of him briefly before listening to his input on Pharoahe Monch's 2nd studio release titled Desire.

This album is pretty straight forward and really does not need a wall of text behind it. Dwele grew up on the west side of Detroit and was involved with music at a very young age. His father was murdered, Shot to death outside of their home when he was ten years old. Some of his musical influences he gives credit as to where he came from and started are also in my own music collection. I really do hear a similarity to a tribe called quest on this cd. I would be completely satisfied just listening to the instrumentals on the album as I felt they were top notch.

I do feel Dwele would be better suited doing hip hop releases which is how he started out as a musician. I feel some of his strongest work were found on his first 3 albums, "Rize", "Subject", & "Some Kinda...".

Enclosing I feel this release can be enjoyed by most that have a hip hop background, Jazz, Soul, Etc. My favorite song were, How I Deal followed by My People and What's not to love. So if this is your thing then check it out and give a listen.

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