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Dying Fetus - Purification Through Violence

Brett Weir   (11 reviews)

Posted: 03/18/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

This is already one of my favorite metal records to date, and I already have nothing but awesome things to say about Dying Fetus as a whole. This is a re-release of, in my opinion, their second best record. The only difference between the first release and this one is a rehearsal room recording of "Beaten Into Submission" and a live recording of "Raped On The Altar".

The rehearsal recording is kind of throw away and muddled in quality which is to be expected. It is still pretty cool to be able to put yourself in the room with these dudes in 1997, but the live track is really what matters to me in the end.

If you have seen Dying Fetus live already, you know they are absolutely impressive on a stage. The recording is good enough to give you a similar experience, minus a loss of thickness. Regardless, the song is done with pinpoint accuracy and is a nice little easter egg on an already solid album.

The album itself is death metal taken to the next level. Dying Fetus in my eyes is responsible for really raising the bar in terms of drumming, making technical guitar riffs sound crushing, and being pinpoint accurate and tight. This album really shines from the get go, giving you a very unsettling echo of monstrous feeding sounds, going right into an earful of assault.

The album is absolutely meant to be played at a very loud volume, preferably in a residential neighborhood, in order to make everyone around you want to burn down any standing building around them. The track "Skull Fucked", in my opinion, is the 5 star track on this record. Low, angry growls, lightning fast drums, and the thickest guitar tones drop for a split second to sneak in one of the eeriest and meanest lowfi guitar work before thrusting back into you like a butchers knife.

Completists should pick this up, as should anyone who hasn't heard this record or Dying Fetus at all. That includes my grandmother. If you are into metal in any sense, this band will either re-affirm your love, or take you into another level of love. In the process, they will also open your eyes to what brutality really is.

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