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End The Century - Hammer & The Anvil

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 09/20/2008 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I've started typing the opening paragraph to this review about 12 times to only delete it and start over. My mind is running in 100 different directions, much like this ep.

Every cliche that has ever been associated with the more terrible side of the metalcore genre is neatly packaged into a band call End The Century. From the look of the band members right down each and every part of all 6 songs on this ep is "cliche. cliche. cliche". Vocally we get the piss-poor attempt at deep growls, the annoying high pitch scream, and insanely bad cleans. The music is stuffed to the brim with stereotypical melodies and uninspired chug breakdowns. The cherry on top of this pile of dung is the horrendously bad lyrics. My personal favorite is "glass walls that seperate me from paper floors" that is so deep.

So to get back to what i was referring to with the EP going into tons of different directions. I think this band as a whole has ADD. I was only able to get through the first half of the cd by the time i heard enough, but in those 3 songs of agony i was treated to about 14 different parts for each song. There was absolutely no song structure. I don't think the band has ever heard of a chorus. Some bands are able to pull off not repeating any parts but atleast there is some sort of formula. This EP gives me the impression that the band members would go "hey i got this awesome part, listen" and then they'd just add that to the previous part. Then once the singer rang out of lyrics, they'd call it a song.

I've heard some bad metalcore in my time but this may top them all. If this band ever signs to a major label i think i may boycott that label completely. Thats how much i loathed listening to this cd.

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