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Everyone Everywhere - self-titled 12

GLB_saint   (19 reviews)

Posted: 06/16/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Everyone Everywhere is for those people who love early 90’s emo, this band sounds exactly like ‘The Promise Ring’. Apart from the fact that the guitars show more technical skill and the vocals show a little more effort. Basically it’s a more developed version of ‘The Promise Ring’ but with a bit more about them. Pity their probable a little to late.

Neithertheless, that is why this album stands a chance, they have developed a sound further to suite those fans of alternative rock music by showing of musical skill and keeping their vocals tuneful and solid. ‘Tiny Planet’ I felt was a weaker song for the band as I felt it did not encompass what makes this band great, tuneful melodic guitars, easy listening contemporary, maybe even commercial choruses and a good fun beat. I guess that’s what I really love about bands like this, a band which sounds like they have so much fun making and playing music about teenage life, love and gibberish.

A top track on this album is ‘Blown Up Grown Up’, ‘kind of don’t care about these people’, ‘I kind of don’t want to be there’, a great song, the chorus helps the call out verses stabilise the songs into a quick, powerful two minute and thirty-seven second listen.

The best track on this album is ‘I Feel Fine’, a casual song, ‘I can’t get up without a shower/ I’m hardly awake for the entire day’, ‘I’m not perfect I’m like this all the time/just sometimes I feel fine’, a song which relates to most people, it goes into a really feel good song, a great progressive bridge at one-minute fifty-five, this song is for all us mildly normal people, to sum it up ‘I feel pretty good sometimes’ ‘I like my shirt, I like my haircut’.

‘Obama House/ Fukiu Prefecture’ was a top finish as they basically build up with an instrumental intro and break into a fast paced chorus and end the album with all instruments crashing out, far more fun than picking you romantic song to finish.

Give this a listen it’s a top album, if you ever like the promise Ring you will really enjoy this album, it’s good fun, easy music with fun and catchy lyrics, ‘just like tofu, you like everything around you’ ha.

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