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Fat Joe - The Darkside Vol. 1

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 09/21/2010 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Fat Joe is back again delivering his 10th studio offering entitled The Darkside Volume 1. This is the first in a planned 3 disc series from the E 1 label with no release dates given for the other two volumes.

Starting off into this review was something a little different for me as most of the hip hop in my collection is mostly underground. Not in any way trying to take away from mainstream music, It just isn't as much my thing as the next guy.

This album is 13 tracks with a handful of different producers and artists attached and to my suprise Diamond D was not on the list. The intro wastes no time kicking off the album and with little time showed signs of promise. I was worried with the amount of production that the final product would be lost in some way but I was somewhat impressed. By the time I made it to Kilo I found myself bobbing my head a bit along with the music. The songs touch on and revisit stories from past songs released by Joe in his early days.

It has been said by critics that as an artist Joe is falling off, But you can hear him going back to those roots again on this album. There are hits and misses on this record but I still believed a solid effort. The songs I most enjoyed were Kilo, No Problems, Im Gone, And At Last Supremacy. Having Busta Rhymes to close out this cd was the right way to go.

I gave this record a solid 3 and I think for some of the artists,sounds,and production it was right on point where rating was concerned. I would definitely give a listen to the other 2 volumes when they are released to hopefully hear some new collaborations.

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fucking thing sucks!
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fucking shit stinks its not shit
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Originally posted by: manmac999

fucking shit stinks its not shit

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