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From First To Last - From First To Last (s/t)

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Posted: 02/25/2010 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Ever hear a band try so hard to fit in to every genre that they come off sounding more like a steaming pile of vomit than something new or visionary? I give you From First To Last's self-titled fourth studio album off Interscope Records.

"Two As One" tries to pull you into the record with a weak "metal" riff, but then limps along with over-produced vocals and trendy chord progressions that make me think they spent a whole 2 minutes trying to write the song. By the time you choke through half the album you hear a ballad, weak break down after weak breakdown, high school lyrics and enough reverb vocal harmonies to choke an elephant. I understand that they're trying to blend a few genres to appeal to a wider audience, but to me they can't even nail down ONE genre let alone a handful.

This album seems to be par for the course when it comes to today's Hot Topic generation and their (lack of) musical taste. If you enjoy wearing eye-liner and skinny jeans while thinking your metal by having a shaggy hair cut covering your one eye and random bandannas tied to your legs or arms, then you probably think this is the second coming of jeebus. To me, this is just a major disappointment if this is the way that music is headed.

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Seriously? Who gives a shit about this band anymore?

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