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Funeral For A Friend - Hours

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 09/23/2005 | Comments: 66 | Rate:

This band has a stupid ass name. The name sounds like all these other cock gobbling retards with greasy hair and stinky tight pants.

However, the music really isn't all that bad. it's not exactly amazing or any of the things I've heard this band called on the message boards, but at least

a) they don't scream
b) their songs are moderatly catchy

I thought that I was going to have a shitload of terrible things to say about this band, but I guess I don't. They're better than the other crap of the same genre I reviewed earlier. I would never buy this, or pay to see them at a show because it's just not my cup of tea, but I bet a lot of people would, so more power to them.

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The King Of Hxc
51 Posts
this band is terrible live.
Bitch and Moan
2,110 Posts
no it doesn't matter they suck, live or not.
illicit ho
38 Posts
i like them
I used to be cool.
12,617 Posts
I'm sorry to hear that.

They're really not any good. I doubt this album would be any better.
illicit ho
38 Posts
who is to say whats good and whats not
lets not turn this into high school drama
2 Posts
Don' listen to all these dick heads , Funeral for a friend are my favourite band of all time, they are so good live ive seen them twice ,once in newcatsle in june , last year when they headlined the radio 1 stage at leeds and i met them backstage , they were amazing live both times , keep going lads cause im loving the new music.
I have no legs!
1 Posts
I think their pretty good! Keep it up!
I have no legs!
40 Posts

I didn't mind their first cd.

the one with the bullets (can't think of the name)

but after that they went downhill.
how tripods work
1,457 Posts
just can't get into this stuff
I have no legs!
3 Posts
I think it's a great band.
hardcore for life
24,697 Posts
bunch of faggot
kraneo hxc
5 Posts
another emo shit
kraneo hxc
5 Posts
another emo crap
I have no legs!
1 Posts
i love this band you can all die
Dead Serious
14,498 Posts
Originally posted by: derk83

i love this band you can all die


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