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Grizz Rock - Mental Abuse

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Posted: 09/22/2010 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Here we have Ruff Riders/DMS cohort, Grizz Rock's Mental Abuse full length produced by Lord Ezek (a.k.a. Danny Diablo of Skarhead/Icepick/Crown of Thornz fame) on Real Recognizes Real Records. In general its a rap/rock hybrid showcasing rhymes about being a hardcore kid/dude from the street in NYC. Sometimes the lyrics (and the songs that go with them) are more in line with what you would expect from a hardcore band, i.e. struggle, being lonely, overcoming stuff etc. Other times you'll get some braggadocious rhymes about tinted windows, being strapped and fucking shit up. Grizz Rock is just doing his thing.

On standout tracks "We Gawn Get it On" & "My World", Grizz Rock is most impressive and comes up with the most catchy songs and rhymes schemes on the album. Grizz has got a pretty gruff voice, similar to fellow Ruff Rider DMX and his flow is on point. The rhymes aren't the most complicated and there aren't really a whole lot of metaphors, but that's not what Grizz is trying to do. His appeal is more towards hardcore kids into hip hop and not just straight hip hop heads however he fills that role perfectly.

Grizz Rock has got a lot of shit coming up. He just released New York State of Mind Vol. 1, Vol. 2 is on its way as well as a project, Kaos 13 with Danny Diablo's s/t album out soon. If you like hardcore, hardcore rap or if any of the above sounds enticing to you, check the man out. Oh, and the Training Day sample on "Return of the Hustler" was a nice touch. I didn't know you like to get wet?

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