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Gropetown/Phat Trophies - split

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 02/16/2011 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

This is a split tape between two very different groups.
Gropetown's side is a noise punk sound. Similar to Sonic Youth while they were doing strictly noise tracks but louder and more punk like. The music is not really my thing. They accomplish what they are going after. The vocals are sound pretty much the same through the entire album. A high pitched screaming in the background and other vocals sung over it. Unfortunately these vocals are very quiet and difficult to hear over the screaming and music.

The other side Phat Trophies is a surfy rock that feels very influenced musically by the B-52s. They use only organ and drums. Their is a female singer but the vocals are so quiet its very hard to hear her at times. The first time through I didn't even realize there were vocals. The music is well played and sounds good but really none of the songs truly stick out. The first song reminds me of bad beach party movies and the accompanying bad music. Its a fun song and probably the best on the whole release.

What I do like about this release is that it seems really DIY. They give the impressions that this is done out of fun. Also it is a cassette release (although you can download it from the website.)

Both sides seem to be lacking in quality mixing which makes this release hard to truly experience each part of the band. If you are looking for some new noisepunk/ experimental type band check it out. Likewise if you want an organ based surfy beach party feel band check it out. This is definitely for a certain demographic that I am not apart of.

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I think it is very deep and clear discussion between two very different group. I really enjoy this topic..
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Regarding these low vocals that you have mentioned in both cases, I was wondering why they didn’t care about it or looked over t during the editing time. They could have equalized the sound to make the voices clearer.    
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