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Grown Ups - More Songs

GLB_saint   (19 reviews)

Posted: 06/16/2010 | Comments: 8 | Rate:

While I am to young to reminisce in the early 90’s pure emo I still managed to hear it a couple of years ago through my bro. Old school Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbreaker and The Promise Ring was my indulgence before modern emo managed to ruin its aim. Even Jimmy Eat Worlds ‘Static Prevails’ was borderline emo before they became alternative. This album incorporates that old emo sound, music which makes you smile and listen intently to the general clean guitar and hoarse vocals, not cry, or delve in or even head bang.

This album keeps the emo name alive and I am so glad there are still bands playing stuff like this around. It’s that cross between modern punk rock and emo, fast drum beats, quick clean lead guitar, and vocals with solid screams, a keen reminder of Pfalher from Jawbreaker, are even blink 182’s Tom DeLonge in ‘Cheshire Cat’.

‘Weed Science’ is a quality track, straight away you know what this band is about, quick tempo drums and fun guitar melodies. ‘Doyle Martin’ and ‘Andy Tokarski’ show that they may not be the best singers, but that’s not what they are about, with the odd clean vocals and harsh hoarse vocals are a great combo. The band show that they can play their instruments to a high level with ‘Jacob Bonham’ changing up his drum beats keeping it interesting.

‘Three Day Weekend’ is a keen song with great song along moments and tuneful chords, ‘would you follow me into that mountain air/would you follow if you knew nothing was there’ songs about love and romance but sung in the right mind and style. It’s a ballad in it’s own right, this bands song writing is great as well, this album just doesn’t get boring, every moment of the recording and producing is to perfection working with Matt Allison (Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake, Rise Against). ‘Are You Shitten Me’ comes in slow, making you think they may finish with single melody, however, the pace quickens up and they finish with a collective repetition of ‘everything is wrong’. Although, if you are not a fan, it will sound like a mess, but this is a replica of the gold old emo.

A quality album, an enjoyable listen, this made me take out my old Sunny Day Real Estate CD’s and I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about this band in the future.

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busta hymen
5,679 Posts
i have "two songs" and it rules. i need to get this.

check out street smart cyclists. they broke up but their demo was better than most bands full lengths.
a quarter chord
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Thanks for the review, the few songs that I have heard are a really fun listen.
hates chicken.
15,889 Posts
I really like this band, and this record. Great review! :)
Blood Visions
712 Posts
Amazing album
62,973 Posts
this album is REALLY good
busta hymen
5,679 Posts
i've been collecting resin with your bobby pins
The shy retirer
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Originally posted by: -Jeremy-

this album is REALLY good

27,122 Posts
terrible review. good album for the most part. songs was way better than more songs.

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