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Havok - Time Is Up

Rob_Shameless   (12 reviews)

Posted: 03/11/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Who would of thought that a band like Havok could come from Denver, Colorado. Not this guy. Havok caught my eye because they were on tour with my friends in Full Blown Chaos and Malevolent Creation. So I checked them out and they were killer. They sounded like every great record any classic thrash metal band put out. Put Justice For All, Countdown to Extinction, Fabulous Disaster, and Among the Living in a blender with better recording teleology. You will have Havok.

This record is a great one for us old dudes that wish music was like the good old days. When Metallica still had long hair and wore jean jackets with patches. These guys will not let you down. They know their Roots and do not stray away from them. Something that younger bands have lost. Havok keeps the guitars to 11 and screams some sweet licks.

The only sad thing is this album is not coming out on vinyl. A record like this deserves to be on wax. Where we can crack it up and bang our head. Time Is Up will for sure make my best records of the year list.

I hope this record takes Havok to the next level. I do not know why they are not opening the Big Four tour. Metallica needs to ask Brian Slagel what band is bring it back. I bet you Havok would be named dropped.

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