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Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 03/28/2006 | Comments: 59 | Rate:

I have been catching a bunch of crap from people for my reviews lately, saying that I just trash them and don't describe what the music is like. Well folks, it's hard to describe garbage differently every single review. These bands all sound the fucking same no matter what stupid ass "label" you categorize the band into. They certainly aren't "emo", "screamo", "punk", "hardcore", or anything related. If anything, they have taken aspects of all those genres, and threw them in a blender. The result? Something I'll never listen to again. It's annoying, repetative, and sounds like all the other boy bands out there. That's right, I said it. Bands like this are boy bands with guitars. A Dime a dozen, quick fad, a trend not dying as quickly as one would wish. Their last album was neither terrible nor great, but this is definetly not covering any new ground.

In general these types of bands just aren't my cup of tea, I'll be the first one to admit it. If I'm listening to a band they're usually from over ten years ago or are a metal band from Finland. But that doesn't change the fact that this type of music (I'll just call it post-pop-punk-slop) is about 80% of the releases that are sent to me. The market is flooded and that usually means one thing: the trend won't last forever.

After a few songs they all start to run together. They must have been reading the "Pop music for dummies" manual to come up with this stuff. All the songs follow the same formula, or a few different formulas. The riffing is simple to say the least, the sound is overproduced, and from what I hear these guys are terrible live as well.

The lyrics certainly aren't any better. Take this for example:

I wish I could have known you better
I should blame it on the weather
This was over from the start
Does it even matter?
Our situations getting worse

Trained monkeys could write something better. Or better yet:

The medicine is blending in mixing the blood with oxygen
I need this right now to figure myself out
Cutting through the ribbons of self doubt
I never thought you'd see me this way
You are the worst and I am to blame

That doesn't even make any god damned sense.

Like most of their counterparts, this band relies on simple hooks and melodic riffs to create catchy songs. They must be some kind of catchy to have so many people liking them. Their popularity isn't in question here, their originality, songwriting, and crappy vocals are. And why the hell do you need three guitars to write this kind of music? Even superb metal bands only have at most two guitars.

So how's that for thorough? I described every reason why this album is boring as crap. I wasn't as mean as usual. People feel as if they can trash my opinion... well you have to remember... everyone has an opinion. Calling me an idiot because I don't like your favorite doesn't make any sense. And if you're going to try and insult me.... at least learn how to spell. Comments like "uR an idiot LOLZ anyone who dont like this band is GAYE! GAWD!" only makes you look bad, not me. It just makes you easily offended and pretty goddamned stupid. Go make your own website, then you can write whatever reviews you want.

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sweet, more garbage! its a shame that this band will make so much money, yet other more talented bands will struggle just to make a name for themselves
the sandman
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i hate these awful bands that cash in on low selft esteem and kids who think girls dump them because they "love too much"

fuck this shit
listen to neurosis
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what a god-damned terrible band this.

I've never liked a single thing i've heard from them and all of the stupid fucking frat guys at my school have been playing nothing but this (and other garbage like this) and ben harper all around campus making it completely unavoidable. Fuck this music.
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I agree 100%.
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Originally posted by:cbrickhouse

Comments like "uR an idiot LOLZ anyone who dont like this band is GAYE! GAWD!" only makes you look bad, not me.

so true
life is gawbage
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"boy bands with guitars"

glad I'm not the only one saying that anymore
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perfect review
one life, one chan
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What a garbage name for an album, from such a garbage band.
I have no legs!
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Originally posted by:jordan.

What a garbage name for an album, from such a garbage band.

i dont really think the name is all that bad since it was a replacements song. i guess they figured they could rip off a good band's title and put it on their shitty record without anyone caring
I smell
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I would like this band but all of their fans think they're all hardcore because the listen to band that screams everynow and then, and ppl are always like yeah hawthorne heights there so metal. It pisses me off.
I have no legs!
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HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS are cock rock anyhow..
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jock rock
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So, do you only review promos? You should bust out a few CDs from your personal collection to review.
I have no legs!
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THIS is the best review ever.
back in town.
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I'm sick of parker posting for me whilst i'm drunk

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