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Humaana - Comfort

Crack Pie   (1926 reviews)

Posted: 05/01/2012 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

When I saw Humaana was part of Panic Records I automatically assumed it was hardcore. It had been sitting in the download pool for an extended period of time so I figured I would pick it up and give it a listen.

What I found right from the opening notes is that Humaana is anything but hardcore. Comfort is five tracks of almost the complete opposite. Everything immediately sounds delicate from the trading off vocals to the rhythm section. This is indie rock that reminds me of shit like Death Cab For Cutie. I don't know if that is a justified comparison to fans of either band, but for someone with my limited knowledge and interest in the genre, that is the best I can do.

I know this music is not at all intended to be a highly active attention grabber, but there is just not enough going on for it to grab my interest. I will say that guitar playing introduces a little experimentation that is a little intriguing, but for the most part I am bored.

I am not ready to condemn Humaana. I think this is probably well done for their genre, but it is a genre I have zero interest in. Unfortunately, Comfort isn't doing anything to change that.

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Good band.

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