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Humanerror - 2011 demo Tape

Rob_Shameless   (12 reviews)

Posted: 03/30/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Humanerror is one of Texas' rising stars. With one 7" under their belt. They are back with four new songs. If you thought Rock Bottom was evil, Humanerrror may have them beat with lyrics like "It is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven." This new demo tape is what is going to set Humanerror apart from all the other hardcore bands this year. This is the only band that makes me want to start a dark heavy hardcore band every time i see them. If you love Entombed and Integrty. And you can't get enough of the new bands that are doing these bands justice then you need to get on the train of terror to the sound of Texas' best new deathcore band. With fans from bands like Bitter End, Mammoth Grinder, and Hardside. Not to mention members of Humanerror having a side project with Ft Worths' own Power Trip called End Times. Why would you not want to listen to this band.

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