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Humanity's Last Breath - Reanimated By Hate

scumbucket   (42 reviews)

Posted: 08/28/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Humanity's Last Breath is a band that prior to this review, I was completely unfamiliar with, so I decided to do some research. According to their myspace, the band formed out of the ashes of the death metal band Dissimilate and a metalcore act named Justice Shall Prevail, also two bands I was unfamiliar with. The description also said they had deathcore influences similar to Emmure, Whitechapel, and Ion Dissonance. My first reaction to reading this was a band that was going to suck more cock than Jenna Jameson did in her prime.

The EP begins with Inevitable, and right off the bat you can tell that this band draws from absolutely none of the bands listed in the above paragraph, which was a fan-fucking-tastic releif. This album is fairly decent in length, lasting almost half an hour for only 6 tracks. Each track blazes through at a blistering pace, with fierce gutterals and impeccable high screams, absolutely amazing guitarwork, and some of the best drumming I've heard from a deathcore band.

The technical parts of this EP were also very impressive. This was mainly due to the fact that when the members behind the instruments went into the technical phase, they actually could play into the music, which can't be said for most of the bands now who try to do that.

Most deathcore bands today seem like they want to play fast, loud, and aggressive without taking time to think of how the end result will sound. Humanity's Last Breath has seemed to take note of this fact, and actually paid attention to what they were doing to produce a solid EP. My only complaint with this album is the fact that it is an EP, and only restricted to 6 songs. However, with these 6 songs under their belts, there can only be promising things for this band, and hopefully a full length in the near future.

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