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Internal Affairs - Deadly Visions

The Ultimate Warrior   (12 reviews)

Posted: 06/21/2007 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Internal Affairs have begun to make a name over the past few years as being one of the most, for lack of a better word, pissed bands from the notoriously angry California hardcore scene. Fans have always been able to turn to Internal Affairs for short, quick, angry songs that use the word "fuck" a lot. On their newest offering, Deadly Visions, this formula doesn't change at all.

Fans expecting evolution or expansion of the band's sound need to turn somewhere else, because this is not the place for that. Internal Affairs stick with the formula that has brought them success in the past. Deadly Visions begins with a good intro that starts the EP well. Solid drum opening, a few riffs, some guitar noodling, and finally chants of "IA" open the record. The highlight of this album for me is "No Good Game in Hardcore," solely because of one part of the song in which everything but the guitar drops out makes me want to break every window around me by throwing my cat into them. Other highlights include the title track, which features more solos and a breakdown/singalong part that will translate well to their live show, and Stage Potato, which I like solely because I like making fun of my friends who stand on the stage.

However, Deadly Visions isn't perfect by any means. First, the lyrics have never been a strong point of the band, and they don't improve much here. Although, as previously stated, any fan of "fuck" (myself included) or lyrics that are easy to sing along will instantly catch themselves learning all the lines. Secondly, every song on here sounds like it could have been on their previous recordings. While all of the songs are good, they tend to blend together a bit and don't stand out from one another too much. However, if someone has never listened to them before, this isn't a bad starting point.

In the end, Deadly Visions is a solid output from Internal Affairs. Previous fans will definitely not be disappointed, and those who enjoy pissed, fast hardcore that is easy to sing along to who are not yet fans will definitely enjoy this.

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var är mitt hem
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i agree with a lot of what you said here. i like the record a lot, but i feel it may even be a step or two backwards from the last full length. still awesome though, love this band. stage potatoe is the best title ever.
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i think its great
love this band
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i thought this wsa fair sick

they were heaps good when they came to canberra

they got called of early cos there were toop many stage dives

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