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Internal Quest - Flight 973 To Sydney

$teve grove   (39 reviews)

Posted: 08/03/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

New Jersey loves hip hop. From Jersey City's favorite Jump Off Joe Beezy to GDP there is quite a range of styles and no shortage of Djs popping up and mixtapes hitting the streets/blogs. Here we have Dj Nino Brown's debut mixtape with semi-newcomer emcee, Infernal Quest. Flight 973 to Sydney is a free release available now thanks to Jersey Sound Lab, google that shit.

I don't know why the mixtape is called Flight 973 to Sydney as there is no overt theme, however the actual songs fit together well with Internal Quest doing a majority of the production himself. I'm only rating this album with three out of five stars because although Internal Quest's flow is on point, there are no real stand out tracks. I don't mean bangers (there aren't any of those either), but all the songs are pretty similar and doesn't change much throughout. By no means is this a bad mixtape and I give much props to DJ Nino Brown for not yelling in the background of every track, which makes for a far more enjoyable listen.

At first glance I thought the mixtape said "Infernal Quest" and was stoked on the World of Warcraft themed nerdfest that I envisioned was about to take place. But alas it said Internal and not Infernal and turned out to be a largely East Coast/Midwest affair reminiscent of traditional hip hop of the mid-late 90's/early 2000's variety. On well, I dig it.

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