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Jeff Loomis - Zero Order Phase

PatBastard   (40 reviews)

Posted: 09/27/2008 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

I don't seem to understand why Jeff Loomis would take it upon himself to release this without the rest of the members of Nevermore. Honestly, if you've heard Nevermore's music, you'd realize that it should've been the next evolution in their catalog of excellent metal albums. Instead, it plays out like an early release of a demo with lead passages instead of vocal parts.

    Now Loomis' lead work is in top form. He blazes from lead lick to lead lick with the skill and ferocity of a surgeon creating incisions in his patients. Solos fly like bullets in a gunfight as they carry the songs with melody and harmony, but keep it completely technical for the utmost guitar dork in us all. Most people know how much skill Loomis possesses with his lead work, but seem to forget the most essential part of his craft: the riffs.

    Granted, when you hear "solo album," you think lackluster songs with over-the-top wankery. Truly not the case on Zero Order Phase, these songs are heavier than Gilbert Grape's mother and as intricate as your grandmother's quilt designs. Loomis has found his songwriting niche, keeping the riffs catchy and metal, while having a foreboding sense of sorrow and angst to the songs. Of course, after a few tracks, you're hoping for some vocals to come in and rescue your eardrums from the assaults of lead after lead.
    The production and mix are clear, with the exception of bass. I feel it could've been louder in the mix, but then again, this isn't a Victor Wooten solo record. Overall, if you enjoy Nevermore and tasty licks, you need to pick up this album.

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The Winter's Wrath
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I was a little put out with Warrel Dane's solo record, it sounded like Nevermore-lite. I love Loomis' playing, but I'm not a fan of instrumental albums in general... I'll give a listen though.

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