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Jeff Rowe - Barstool Conversations

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 12/28/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Barstool Conversations was the first cd I grabbed out oy my review material because the artwork really caught my eye. Jeff Rowe was at one time a member of Boxingwater, a now disbanded punk based group from Ricmond,Virginia. Since then Jeff spent his time playing with friends in some acoustic projects and also laid a tremendous amount of time putting the final touches on his debut solo album. When I finally got to listen to this working I wasn't really sure how it would sit with me after the first song, as this album continued in my cd player I became quite fond of this to the point of wanting to put it on repeat all evening long. The strangest part of this listen for me is that as much as I love acoustic guitar or acoustic songs, i've never been much of a fan with folk releases. This album reminded me alot of a one man band type of guy I used to go see play at a local bar. Between his covers he would sometimes play his originals he did with his part time band and that was the main reason I was there to begin with. The material is so similar to me that it is hard to believe what im hearing.

So, staying on subject and moving on to the songs there is no shortage of acoustic melodies and ballads with everything in between musically. The "makeshift band" as he calls them are very good at what they do on this record. Everything from the drums to the harmonica,and piano adds elements that keep this album really down to earth. My favorite part to this cd was by far the lyrics and how Jeff conveys his voice and message.The songs written about friends,family,and personal loss seemed to really hit home with me at times and made me think about personal situations i've encountered. "Kate,Chasing Ghosts,Service Of Hardship, & Stolen Songs", were my favorite tracks and to me really stuck out from the rest of the material.

Sound quality and production seemed to be done very well with no issues hearing all the different instruments and elements in the mix. After all is said and done I wouldn't have any problem giving this a reccomendation for what it is. This album is completely honest and leaves you wanting more when it's all over.

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