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Joell Ortiz - Farewell Summer

$teve grove   (39 reviews)

Posted: 10/29/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Joell Ortiz, the Brooklyn emcee and Slaughterhouse member's second full length Free Agent has been "on its way" for some time now. We started hearing mention of it the middle/end of '09. Who knows why it keeps getting pushed back (we are also waiting on the YAOWA Mixtape Joell!). To hold the fans over until its alleged Nov. 30 release date Joell has bestowed upon us this 6 song, free, no bullshit EP.

Even though it has a relatively short track list that doesn't mean Joell didn't make good use of the space. Production is split between Statik Seletah, DJ Premier, Frank Dukes and Don Cannon among others. It also features verses from Sheek Louch, Talib Kwali, Brother Ali and Jean Grea. Jesus Chist, that's a better line up in 6 songs than who's been on your favorite rappers entire discography. It's hard to pick out a stand out track because they are all awesome and have different vibes to them. One constant throughout is Joell's lyrics which are always on point. One of my favorites appears on "Battle Cry"

"How many times I gotta tell y'all I'm second to none.
No magazine's Top 10 cuz I'm negative one.
So I don't pay attention to them dumb folk.
Cuz I'ma alway be in first like the clutch broke."

When I talk to most people about hip hop, I tend to get one response more than others: "yeah, I like like hip hop, but not when they are rapping about cars and hoes." Sound familiar? Well here you go. Don't sleep on Joell Ortiz.

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