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Jon Bellion - Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 09/07/2011 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Jon Bellion is a singer-songwriter-producer and the definition of a DIY artist. At just 20 years old, this New York based artist is described as “Kanye West Meets Jason Mraz”. All of the music is his own, and that seems to be a real rarity in pop music today. Bellion is self-proclaimed developing a “movement” and launching the “Beautiful Mind” project. The mix tape (I think) I am reviewing is Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1 which he self-released early this year on his facebook page. I love a fresh, new sound, and that is what I was hoping to get with this mix tape.

Bellion starts off with "One In a Billion". This song is auto-tuned to the max and, honestly, I was turned off at the start of the song. The beat was all over the place and it is heavily distorted. However, then he started rapping, and this kid is smooth. There's no doubt Bellion can sing. I ended this track just worried that the ones to follow will all sound the same. I should have listened to what I heard about this artist because I was definitely wrong with that assumption.

"Claps and Autotunes for Love" is certainly the feature of this mix tape. It has a catchy beat that, not surprisingly, incorporates clapping and, of course, tasteful autotune. What I like is that this song is not overly diluted by effects and sound tricks like the one prior, and it starts to really showcase the Bellion's raw talent. The track makes a dramatic transition at the one minute mark that I absolutely love and the collaboration reminds me of an up-beat Imogen Heap. Bottom line, I am in love with this song and it is being added to my personal playlist.

With "Let Me Go", Bellion is again able to bring us another side of him. There is real soul in this slow, emotional track. The voice alteration is kept to a minimum, which really shows why he has developed such a fan base. No Rebecca Black here, folks, we finally have a real artist.

The mix tape finishes up with "Meet You on Our Cloud", a track where Bellion seems to incorporate different styles from all of the previous songs. The beat and tone actually remind me a little of Owl City. I personally enjoy his quirky interruptions when he speaks to the listeners; it really adds a personal touch to the experience. Overall, it is an n interesting and engaging song that could easily gain main stream popularity.

Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1 definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I wasn't sure what to make of someone that was pitched as a West/Mraz hybrid, but what that combination produces is fantastic and new. Bellion still needs to do a bit a polishing and organize some of his music a bit, but I'm definitely a believer. If he really is starting a "movement", I want to be a part of it.

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wiener breath
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lol I used to write reviews. Why is this bumped? Also Jon Bellion is still good. Going to listen to him now.
Pulp Free
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Spammer bumped it. Write more reviews, I'll give you the new Dying Fetus.

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