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Just Surrender - Phoenix

coreyerb   (7 reviews)

Posted: 10/09/2010 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Just Surrender is a band begging to be lumped in with a million youthful pop-rock bands that write catchy songs about love and regret, yet somehow they consistently stand out. The first, glaring way is their dual vocalists. Their voices are just different enough to really work well together, one with a higher-pitched voice and the other a lower, grittier tone. Sometimes they trade lines in the verses (“Take Me Home”), sometimes one sings the verses and one sings the chorus, sometimes one is the primary singer and the other accents (“Jukebox Memoirs”). They both match the mood of a song well, almost shouting when they’re delivering the weightiest lines.

The musicianship is the other reason they’re memorable. The interplay of the driving minor chords and vocals on their debut, If These Streets Could Talk, gave it a heavier sound than most emo. Guitar work was a little poppier at times on We’re In Like Sin but it still had rock tracks. This album’s more of a blend of their first two. There are pop-rock songs (“Burning Up”), which aren’t terrible but aren’t as catchy as on We’re In Like Sin, but the band shines most in darker moods where the insistent instrumentals and impassioned vocals combine to create a relatable emotion without feeling whiny. “Through The Night” displays their musicianship well, going from a toe-tapping verse complete with cowbell to a half-time feel chorus that’s hard not to bob your head along with. That’s the beauty of Just Surrender’s approach – as dark and heavy as this album is, their songs will still get stuck in your head. The lyrics mostly cover love, lust and regret, though whether you can relate or not, the way they’re delivered tells you you will.

It took a few listens to get into and there are a few flaws but there’s enough there that it won’t get old. They know what they do well and their third album reflects that. You can stream the full album for free at their Facebook page.

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Duke Earl
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definitely enjoyed this album .. simple but effective and catchy

there is another band i stumbled across in the same vein as these dudes called astoria who are also real listenable
I have no legs!
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If you're talking about the Astoria who recorded an EP called "E.P.(ic)" then I agree. Could only find songs on MySpace, do they have a profile?
Duke Earl
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fuck, i actually have e.p.(ic) too but i was talking about the band called astEria .. here's a link to both of their albums:

Asteria - Momentum


Astoria - E.P.(IC)

pass for both is

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