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Juvenile - Beast Mode

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 08/30/2010 | Comments: 6 | Rate:

I was excited to review this album because I love Juvenile. The Hot Boys were one of my favorite hip hop groups when I was younger and have always enjoyed the Cash Money rappers. I loved pretty much all of his work when he was with Cash Money Records (most of you probably at least know the song "Back That Ass Up"), however when he left the label, my interest started to dissipate. Of course, "Slow Motion" was a great track to hear while out.

Despite Juvenile falling off of my radar in recent years, I still had high hopes for Beast Mode. I was hoping for a new fresh album delivered from this talented, seasoned rapper. Unfortunately, I was severely let down. The album is just boring. There are no big featured artists; in fact, he really only has his son on tracks. I think with "Pussy Kat", he was trying to make a song similar to Ying Yang Twins "Whisper Song", but it falls incredibly short. Also, the featured rapper on "Drinks on Me", Cape, is just plain terrible. Honestly, I don't think there is going to be a single hit that results from this album.

In my honest opinion, I think this album was rushed, and that is why it does not deliver. Juvenile has incredible lyrical talent, but it just seems like he really didn't take the time to write some quality songs. I suppose that is what happens when you release two full lengths within seven months of each other. Sorry Juve fans, but I'd suggest you don't bother with this one.

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Sounds like you're giving Juvenile waaaaay more credit than he deserves lmao.
dr. spaceman
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lots of rappers release way more than two albums worth of material in two months. this album probably sucks because juvenile pretty much sucks. yeah he had a few popular songs and i did like the hot boyz when i was in like 7th grade but i kind of wonder how anyone could expect this to be good.
wiener breath
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Haha, I guess I just couldn't let go of my Hot Boys love, and like I said, he's really been off my radar since is split with Cash Money, so I was still working with that image of him.
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we run this city
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lol juvenile is a hoorrribbbblleeee lyricist let me smash your ass huh you dash huh..shit sucks he sucks....and he was never good sorry to break that to ya
Baby Cole
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Originally posted by: -Jeremy-

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