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Kid Liberty - Fight With Your Fists

scumbucket   (42 reviews)

Posted: 09/03/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

When I first gave this band a listen on their myspace a few days ago, I wasn't exactly sure how to react or feel towards it. Some parts were great, some weren't so great, so reviewing this cd was definitely going to be interesting, and once I really got into it, I was pleasantly surprised.

Kid Liberty is a bunch of young dudes from Texas who seems that they have only one goal, and that goal is to make music the way they want to: fun, energetic, & full of drive. The album opens with The Winds of War, which has a piano intro, then bursts into what sounds like a cheesy, yet awesome knock-off of hair-metal era riffs. The second track somewhat fills in where it leaves off in the first track, but switches up genres to a more fast-paced punk/hardcore sound. The more and more I listened to this, I found myself enjoying it more and more.

The vocalist knows what hes doing, and switches up styles constantly, never singing the same way for more than half a minute or so. Going from a straight up singing style, to a Scott Wade(CBK's vocalist from '02-'06)-esque scream, to what you'd expect from some of the best metal bands yells almost effortlessly.

Instrument wise, the rest of the band does an amazing job at what they do. From pummeling breakdowns to catchy, light-hearted pop punk influenced choruses, they can play it all. Not only can they play it all, but they also play it very well. The musicianship, in my opinion is what makes most of the band. The only track that really threw me for a loop had to be The New Recipe(track 7) which sounded like it should've belonged in a old-time western movie.

Along with everything else, the production on this cd is top-notch. Despite it being 160kbps, it honestly sounds like it runs much higher, even much so towards a 320kbps which is just another thing that impressed me about this band.

Overall, this is a pretty damn good album. Coming into it with mixed expectations, it was pretty amazing to hear how good these dudes actually are at doing what they love most. If you're unfamiliar with this band, but looking for some fun, energetic pop punk mixed with plenty of hardcore influences, I highly suggest picking this album up.

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