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King Of Asgard - Fi'mbulvintr

Venicebeachxc   (21 reviews)

Posted: 11/02/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

When your band is named after a position once held by THOR and BALDER (in the Marvel comics world), AND you play epic viking metal that could easily be the soundtrack to 200 years of rape and pillaging... in my book, you deserve two hearty thumbs up, the head of the prior royalty in a basket, a young wench to suck the color out of your dick, all the wealth in the land and a solid gold battle axe.

Right from the intro, Metal Blade Records' resident Swedish vikings King of Asgard made me want to battle something. I felt like rowing a large ship with an army of men by the time I was halfway through 'Einharjar'. (Check out the video on youtube, you get so much more out of these guys if you see the look on their singer's face while he shreds and screams)

The production is great. The musicianship is really precise, as it tends to be with music of this style. If it was sloppy in the least, this album would be mish-mashed garbage, but the band plays each and every note with such driving force and attitude that the listener cannot help but be totally immersed in a whole different world.

Back to the record. All in all, the songs are well written and unlike a lot of viking metal, you can actually tell the difference from song to song and enjoy each one as it's own separate journey. My personal favorite was 'The Last Journey'- which starts out with a hymnalistic lone voice singing a tune that transforms into the greatest viking metal song I have ever heard, hands down.

If vikings had stereos, King of Asgard would be the mandatory military soundtrack at all times. Unfortunately, today's lifestyle isn't all burning villages and raping wenches, so I do have a few suggestions based on my experiences listening to this record over the past few weeks. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WHILE DRIVING A MOTOR VEHICLE - you will drive a lot faster. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WHILE CONSUMING ALCOHOL - I tried this and ended up blacking out because the more you drink, the more you want to listen to this, and the more you listen to this, the more you want to drink. Viking excess.

Overall, Fi'mbulvintr is the greatest thing Metal Blade Records has released in recent years in my eyes (and ears) and I applaud KOA with a perfect 5.0 rating. Now come to the US so I can dress like a viking at the show and black out to it live.

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