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Kottonmouth Kings - Sunrise Sessions

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 08/10/2011 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Kottonmouth Kings are the weed obsessed hip-hop group from California. They have been putting out records (for better or worse) since 1998. They have always had some decent abilities as rappers and their beats have typically been pretty good.

This album is a bit different from their other albums. It has a bigger reggae influence as well as some dubstep and bluegrass thrown in there. Despite this, it still sounds like a Kottonmouth Kings record. All the parts are there: showing love for California, weed smoking and weed smoking activities.

The beats here are what kill this album for me. They are really minimalistic and a lot of the songs have a reggae feel to them. As an avid reggae hater, it really turned me off. Mainly this is because of the ultra slow beats they have used making the songs even slower than normal. This does feel like a natural evolution of the band though due to the nature of their themes and activities. I could imagine sitting around stoned out of your head and loving every second of it.

They have not lost their rapping abilities. They still have good rhymes and hold the quality of their early work. With the addition of the Dirtball on this album it helped their cause quite a bit. He has added quite a bit with his very distinct voice and style. Honestly the vocals are the highlight of this and maybe that's the point.

So you may ask, "Travis, aren't there any songs you liked on here?"

Not really. "Boom Clap Sound" started strong with some great fast paced rapping but really trailed off to more of the rest of the album with slow, smooth music meant for stoners. "She's Dangerous" was an upbeat reggae-rap song that was kind of enjoyable. "Said and Done" while not being a track I was fond of, it was a great finishing track. It wrapped the album up quite nicely.

With lots of experience and a pretty big following I have no doubt that this album will sell, but as their past 7 or 8 albums have been, this album is a pale in comparrison to their early work. I don't expect them to sound the same after 13 years, but their new direction isn't the direction I prefer. It is different enough to gain them some new listeners and same enough to keep longtime fans.

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Bummer I was really hoping this would be good.

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