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Make Do And Mend - Don't Be Long

Sacrifyx   (17 reviews)

Posted: 05/03/2015 | Comments: 10 | Rate:

What a piece of generic shit, Im sorry! I even gave this record two listens and couldn't take a third even with a gun to my head, which sounds like a lyric off of, "Make Do And Mend"s new LP, "Don't Be Long". Yeah "Don't Be Long", was what I was thinking after the first track."Bluff". But "Don't Be Long", dragged on like a dental student doing their first root canal.

But somehow they did a split with Deathwish Inc. heart throbs, " Touché Amoré" so they had something going for them. Just not on this LP. Hell Im still scratching my head on how they worked with Matt Bayles who worked with fucking Mastodon, Botch, and Minus The Bear. So I guess if you really want to check this band out go for their 2012 release," Everything You Ever Loved" also on Rise Records which even had some critical acclaim.

This is one of those records your girlfriend will love, and you'll want to smash it up like in that scene from Office Space. I won't lie, I like some pop punk, but this is just done in such a lazy manner its as if the vocalist went back to his high school diary and took out passages for lyrical inspiration. For example here are some actual song lyrics , "Don't be long, don't be long.
Every time I see you I still hear my favorite song play on and on,
and even through the muck and the mire I still love you like a house on fire." I didn't make that high school poetry up by the way.

Its just awful. But if you like Pop Punk or modern Emo, hell you may as well give this a listen. I'll be deleting it off my hard drive as soon as Im done writing this review. If your sad and music that relates to your feelings helps your mood, listen to Alkaline Trio, Lucero, The Weakerthans, or old Saves The Day. Rise Records has released my new least favorite band. Thanks guys.

I had a hard time actually coming up for a review for this LP, so here we go. The music is beyond bland, the vocalist is super whiny to the point that you wish the record was instrumental and most of all its fucking forgettable!

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old dancing boy
38,837 Posts
first off, who chose the similar bands?
secondly, its not there best release but its far from generic.
third, music is heard differently by everyone, so get that "if youre sad" bullshit out of here.
and last but not least, this review is complete garbage.
vanilla gorilla
213,695 Posts
whether or not i agree with the review (i dont) i have to say schnell needs to at least do a grammar check on these jawns before posting.
old dancing boy
38,837 Posts
the review isnt bad because he doesnt like it. the review is bad because its poorly written and theres actually no review.
I brought gifts
17,797 Posts
I'm not big on this record, but it's not even close to being THIS bad. Also, lol at those similar bands nit being similar.
3,577 Posts
I revised the review. I still think its terrible but I worded a lot of it differently.
still oh so ill
8,438 Posts
I have no legs!
16 Posts
Horrible, garbage review.
new cocks
146,073 Posts
great spam bump
new cocks
146,073 Posts
brickhouse, did you pay him for this?
47,247 Posts
Its a real mystery who the one like is

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