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Make Do and Mend - Part and Parcel

Maryland Matt   (180 reviews)

Posted: 11/22/2011 | Comments: 11 | Rate:

Massachusetts' Make Do and Mend are at it again... only this time they're coming at you from a much different direction. Last year saw the release of the much heralded and critically acclaimed LP End Measured Mile, a record that I personally feel to be the best record released in 2010 by any band or artist of any genre. It not only forged new paths through the realm of indie rock/post hardcore, but took elements already established by their contemporaries and made them even better. I could flip through a thesaurus for hours and never come up with the right adjective to adequately convey how great this band is. Instead I'll try to just keep it as grounded as possible and speak on this EP specifically without allowing their previous works to taint my viewpoint.

Part and Parcel is an acoustic EP consisting of three songs heard before on their previous full length, a cover of Touche Amore's "Home Away From Here" and two brand new songs. What any normal band would do with their opportunity at recording an acoustic release would be to take their existing songs and simply re-record them with acoustic instruments. I'm not saying that isn't the case with this record, but there is so much more happening here. The songs previously recorded on End Measured Mile are easily recognizable, but through this treatment they take on a whole new form. Introduced to these songs are piano and slide guitar accompaniments, varying drum rhythms and in some cases, entirely different vibes all together. It makes the old material feel completely fresh and I applaud them for taking risks like this. The cover is also fantastic. Being that I am not a huge Touche Amore fan, it isn't easily recognizable to me as being someone elses work. I supposed you could say that is a good thing that they were able to take another bands song and truly make it their own. In regards to the new songs, I am thoroughly excited to hear what the next proper release from this band will bring to the table. They are very obviously spreading their wings moving forward and I love the progression.

There isn't much more that I can really speak on in regards to Make Do and Mend. If you have never given them a chance, I would recommend that you go back and check out End Measured Mile first. However, if you are already well versed in the back catalog... do not waste any time and grab this record immediately. It won't completely satisfy your craving for a new record, but it will definitely whet your appetite.

The bottom line is that this record is the facade stripped away from Make Do and Mend's natural sound, exposing a window into the heart and soul of what it is that this band truly is. If you can't appreciate passion and honesty this powerful, I'd like to check you for a pulse.

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i'm listening to it now and i really like it. it isn't a typical acoustic album where they just play stripped down versions. it sounds like they're re-imagining the songs in a new light.
vanilla gorilla
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Why didn't I know this existed
still oh so ill
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If you don't know, now you know... nigga.
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Originally posted by: cbrickhouse

Why didn't I know this existed

Because you're always on eBay now.
vanilla gorilla
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nah im alright
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just came out chris

great band

looking forward to next release they put out
sees air
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Damn, gotta get this.
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Just got to hear this and I love it.
Especially the Touche Amore cover.
I have no legs!
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Awesome! And the cover really rocks!
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This is so fucking good. I think I might like the new versions of the 'End Measured Mile' songs even better

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