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Mean Jeans - Are You Serious?

tyrod24   (5 reviews)

Posted: 12/17/2009 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

This Portland punk band is still living in the past. Mean Jeans is certainly not affected by the change in decades that has become of punk rock music. Some hardcore Dead Kennedy fans from the "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" era would be very pleased if they heard this release. Each song is lyrically about drugs, partying, or fiascos that involve doing too many drugs or too much partying.

It seems likes these guys listened to a lot of Ramones when they were younger cause you can hear The Ramones in about every other guitar lick. Not to say that is a bad thing, if you like your punk rock like it was in the late 70's to mid-80's, then my friend, you got yourself a good record here. Even though they are mimicking the great classic bands of old, they still add a newer and fresh feel to the music.

All the energy and lyric content is there for a good punk album. The only thing that gets me is that it seems like I've heard all these songs before. Which I have, Means Jeans is not trying to break any boundaries and make heads spin, just sticking to the formula and doing it well. You can tell they set off trying to sound like the classics and they acheived it very well.

The songs usually range between a minute to two minutes and include mid to fast tempo changes. That classic punk sound from the guitar is there, as is the drums, and it seems like Jello Biafra was actually there doing vocals.

The album is at a good limit with 13 songs and it doesn't seem like the record drags on too much. It always pleases me to see that bands are still out there making this kind of music. Hopefully these guys keep playing and do something a little different music wise with their next release, but I can't complain too much about this one.

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Pulp Free
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that didn't take very long.

was this a download or stream?
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Originally posted by: WREN

that didn't take very long.

was this a download or stream?

download, dsl ftw
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listening to their myspace now, sounds really good.

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