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Memphis May Fire - Sleepwalking

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 11/18/2009 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

At one time Trustkill Records was a premier record label in the hardcore scene but much like Victory Records, Josh Grabelle decided to grab his credibility and swan dive into a landfill of bad music that makes easy money. Any good band that was on Trustkill has since left, is on hiatus, or their best days are far behind them (i.e. Walls Of Jericho). Memphis May Fire is a prime example of how Trustkill has taken a turn for the worst.

I’m far from a fan of trying to figure out a specific genre name to define a band’s music but since there seems to be a lot of bands turning up like this, I will take a stab at it. Pop-Metal. It’s too watered down to be metal and too upbeat to be fully embraced as metalcore. Memphis May Fire tries their best in blending southern rock, metalcore, and post-hardcore. They are able to effectively pull it off but the end result is something that is very hard to take seriously. It’s very poppy and forced as well as gives me the feeling that it lacks any heart. The entire time I was listening to this record I felt like the band solely wrote it in hopes to become famous rather than write something that comes from the soul.

This band offers nothing new or inspirational to the music community. I’ve already had the opportunity to listen and review bands from this genre that do what they do world’s better than Memphis May Fire. A Static Lullaby is a prime example of how to do this god forsaken music in a more listenable fashion. Both bands however fail in comparison to their obvious influence in Every Time I Die, who even themselves is nowhere near as good as they were.

You see where I’m going with this? Basically this record is terrible. The band can cohesively write songs but it’s the quality in the music that is really lacking. The members have some obvious talent when it comes to playing their instruments. They should consider a new approach to writing material that doesn’t come off as manufactured.

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soooo confusy
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omg this band is so god damn awesome i love the song seep walking its madness gah i love these guys

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