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Miles Away - Endless Roads

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 12/10/2010 | Comments: 7 | Rate:

Following the release of their 7" "Memory Embraced" in July, Perth, Austrailia's Miles Away have returned with a different twist on their brand of hardcore. Since their forming in 2002 they have gone through multiple labels and lineup changes that would have doomed most bands. Their determination and vision have paid off ten fold with Endless Roads. At first listen one may notice a different direction of the bands sound as compared to previous releases. One can expect a much faster pace and improved melody in comparison to their 2005-2009 material. The band is also has a yet untitled 7" in the works and continues to focus on new material for it.

I was overly impressed after listening to this and couldn't get enough of these 11 songs. The mixture of old school hardcore with catchy melodies and breaks completely blew me away. The first track titled "Hibernation", is a 52 second instrumental driven by thumping drums and an effect filled guitar riff. It sets the pace well for the album and ends just as "Seasonal" kicks off with the same intensity and fury while adding the vocals into the mixture. Most of the songs are short and to the point aside from the near four minute "Hearts And Mind", which ends the cd with more emphasis on the instruments. The best part of this band is their ability to fuze so many different styles together and still keep it solid hardcore at the end of the day.

Endless roads may be my new favorite album from them,and also quite possibly their strongest material to date. I will be anxious to hear their newest 7" material when the band releases it sometime in the near future. There wasn't a song I did not enjoy while listening and each time I replayed it the album seems to finish that much faster. Would strongly reccomend if you are a fan of the similar bands listed or if you are looking for a breath of fresh air in your collection.

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vanilla gorilla
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Good damn review.
Swoop The Dang
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People need to check this out if they've never heard.
12,352 Posts
great review. really like this band.
Swoop The Dang
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I also added this to their wikipedia to get more hits for the site/band.
I have no legs!
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good band
8,803 Posts
Will listen to tomorrow.
fuck the world
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havent thought about this band in years

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