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Mother Of Mercy - IV: Symptoms Of Existence

GordDaBoy   (56 reviews)

Posted: 02/19/2011 | Comments: 9 | Rate:

Every blue moon a hardcore band drops an unbelievable album that sets the bar for the entire genre. Mother of Mercy have just done that with the new album "Symptoms of Existence". MOM just made it that much harder for every other up and coming hardcore band to write an album that will stick out amongst the rest.

From the intro to "Forever Night, Forever Mourning" into the title track "Symptoms of Existence" all the way to the last track "Final Breath" the album never lets up. The only way to describe it is relentless. Track for track is what the kids these days would call bangers and nothing but. Not one song on the album is sub-par which is hard to come by for any hardcore band. And on top of all that the songs have enough Anthrax influence for any metalhead to give these hardcore bros the horns. Especially with the well executed guitar lick in "Final Breath" that lacks the show-off mentality of many lead guitarists and just keeps it clean, simple and memorable. The most astonishing thing about it is in the middle of the album where most albums will trail off for a song or two is where MOM placed the best and catchiest tracks "Swinging the Chain" and "Live Through Darkness". So obviously you can see there's not one bad thing I can say about "Symptoms of Existence". The recording itself is worthy enough of another couple paragraphs of praise, but I won't bore you with all that and will just tell you Bridge9 and the producers did an incredible job bringing these songs to life.

Whether you love hardcore or hate it even if your an elitist metalhead dick or indie rock douchebag if you like well written music with tons of energy give these guys a shot, believe me you will not be disappointed.

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I brought gifts
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It is a good record, but..............
nah im alright
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it rips
FTW Champion
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record rules
Playin fast
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I love it but yea I'm dickeating when I look at from a 2 way street.
hardcore for life
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Originally posted by: The Ultimate Warrior

record rules

Duke Earl
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Originally posted by: Carlo_HC

Originally posted by: The Ultimate Warrior

record rules

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I can't get into it as much as their older stuff, but it still is a really solid album.
embarrassed for y
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makes me wanna destroy people
Dave B. #2
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i haven't stopped listening to it since i got it last week.

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