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My America Is Watching Tigers Die - Stone Age

PatBastard   (40 reviews)

Posted: 10/10/2008 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

What's with the stupid fucking band name? Is there a joke I missed out on, or a CNN story that was overlooked due to the presidential debates? My America is Watching Tigers Die, what the fuck.

Well, other than the retarded moniker, this record sounds like shit. I'm talking like worse than a practice room recording of their first band practice. Too much reverb, guitars sound like blended turds and everything about it just screams "PLEASE MAKE ME NOT SOUND LIKE SHIT."

The music itself isn't much better than the production. Imagine if you will, this band getting together in the studio, and turning on all their gear and throwing it right the fuck down a flight of stairs. Yeah, this is a record full of songs that sound like shit falling down the stairs. At times it reminds me of the old Cave In/Converge albums, but performed and recorded by The Kids of Whitney High. But that's a slight against that supergroup of Jerry's Kids, I'm sure they could write a much more cohesive and coherent album than "Stone Age."

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GK 9
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man, you got suck with all the terrible cds didn't you?

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I've got a bunch more that I still need to review.

I figured get the shit out of the way first, then I'll listen to the good ones.
life is gawbage
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are you serious? this thing ruled
fred fredburger...
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hahahahaah best cd review ever!

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