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Neviah Nevi - Tales Of Terror

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Posted: 10/17/2009 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Oklahoma City’s Neviah Nevi, whatever that means, brings to the world of Christian metal their second full length record entitled Tales Of Terror.

This record’s title could be changed to “My First Metal Band” because that’s what it sounds like. Everything about this record is very elementary. All guitar riffs seem to be just passed the point of getting through your first series of lessons. I’m sure if I started to play guitar today, in about 3 months I could write a more technical metal record. The drumming lacks any sort of creativity. My 2 year old niece could probably blast beat faster than drummer Micah Harwell. The entire record quickly made me remember the first band I was in that lacked anything skill level above what Todero’s Music could teach you in your first 10 lessons with your instrument. But lucky for us, we had an excuse. We were 14, not our mid-twenties with years of experience playing our instruments.

Stylistically I don’t even know what to classify this band as. There are parts and entire songs that are obviously deathcore then at times they break off into a poor attempt at melodic metalcore. This class of styles that leaps from song to song makes it very hard to take this record seriously at any moment.

This leaves me with the vocalist. At first I thought she was a little boy. As I got through the first 2 tracks I said to myself “the only excuse for this band will be if they are all in high school”. By track 3 I figured it all out. For every Angel Gossow or Candace Kucsulain that sounds good as a frontwoman, there are 50 or so females that cannot pull it off. DeAngela Crozier is one of those 50. Except for a few rare moments where she sounds somewhat respectable she spends the rest of the record spouting off her poorly written lyrics in nothing more than a raspy talking voice. It was painful to make it through the 10 tracks of the album.

Throw this album into the piles of “not recommended for anyone” or “here is what not to do”. This was bad. I literally got 30 seconds into the record and was ready to turn it off. Being that Wounded Records is a Christian label, I’m going to safely assume that the only reason this band got picked up by them is because they are Christian. It obviously can’t be based on talent.

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