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Nick 13 - Nick 13

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 06/14/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I first heard Tiger Army when they released "TIGER ARMY II: POWER OF MOONLITE". This album really introduced me to psychobilly and it really made me a fan. Ever since, I have kept an eye on them and listened to each of their releases since never really enjoying them quite as much. Never losing faith that they may put out a new record that would be as enjoyable to me. When I found out Nick 13 did a solo album I knew I needed too give it a listen to see what he would do as a solo artist.

Nick 13 is the sole songwriter in Tiger Army so I figured this would just be another Tiger Army album. Although it has similarities to Tiger Army this is a different sound. It is very similar to the song "In the Orchard" off Tiger Army's album "TIGER ARMY II: POWER OF MOONLITE" but with more country feel to it. Actually this album has a new reworked version of that song as well as "Cupid's Victim" from the same album. The new reworked versions sound quite a bit different from their original versions making them feel like brand new songs with familiar lyrics.

The country addition to the rockabilly formula really sets this apart from his previous work. The songs are well written and well played with many guest musicians. His voice lends itself so well to the genre that you forget that he normally doesn't do country. As one would expect, it is a slower paced record which I usually detest in any genre but these songs just grab me.

It takes a lot for me to enjoy country music buit Nick 13 managed to write ten country songs to add to my country music collection. This is a wonderful album that makes you want to like it. Country fans, rockabilly fans even the more punk psychobilly fans will find some musical gems on this album.

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