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Night Fruit - Dark Horse

erickfuckingpressman   (18 reviews)

Posted: 12/30/2011 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

More often than not, when I'm sent a Bandcamp link, I prepare for an ear-raping. However, Night Fruit have prove to be the exception to the rule. Instead of being aurally assaulted by lo-fi, d-beat garbage or some college students epic dubstep remix of "Party Rocking", I was pleasantly surprised by dreamy indie pop that whisked me away to mixed tapes I made back in high school.

Night Fruit are a female-fronted trio from Cambridge, MA playing quirky indie pop with some shoegazerish leanings. The band manage to blend pop sensibility with reverb and dissonance in a way that allows the listener to get lost in their songs but still have something to sing along with in their head hours later. The vocals are reminscent of a young Tonya Donnelly Easily the best thing I've ever heard on Bandcamp. The only downside to "Dark Horse" is that its only three songs long.

If you live near Boston, Night Fruit should be on your "bands I need to see ASAP in 2012" list. Any fan of indie rock, emo, or Brit pop would find something to like about "Dark Horse". It's available for download at whatever price you feel like naming at

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