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Nothing - Downward Years To Come

Crack Pie   (1898 reviews)

Posted: 11/03/2012 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

Featuring members of Philadelphia' Horror Show, Nothing are back with their third release that sounds nothing like their old band. Downward Years To Come is a five song EP and their first batch of songs for A389 Records.

Much like labelmates Anne, Nothing play shoegaze/dreampop/stupidfuckinggenrename that is on the darker side. At least I think so, I'm not really familiar with the genre other than Anne and Whirr. Which also makes this a hard record for me to describe so excuse the brevity of this review.

These five songs feel like a gentle build up that has a sense of warmth from beginning to end. The title track initially caught my interest on the A389 2012 comp and I thought it would be my favorite, but after many listens I have found myself liking each track more and more as the record plays through. I'm not so sure what the real draw is though. It's not that its catchy or all that exciting, but it is relaxing and good change of pace from my usual playlist.

I know there are probably much better words to use to describe this record, but I don't have them. Downward Years To Come is a good listen and I recommend it. If you want more out of me you aren't going to get it.

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still oh so ill
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I love this band. Can't wait to hear this.
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I enjoy everything this band has released. The title track is probably one of my favorite songs released this year.
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