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Obscura - Omnivium

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 02/28/2011 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Looks like Obscura has done something else Necrophagist has yet to do, put out a new album in an acceptable amount of time. When I heard that the guitarist and drummer were leaving Necrophagist and joining another band I immediately got stoked. Their first album with them, Cosmogenesis, destroyed everything Necrophagist has done. Needless to say, I was beyond stoked for the followup.

I read all sorts of updates about the album. Studio videos, quotes about what they're doing on the album, etc. I was certainly already hyping myself up WAY TOO much. That can sometimes be a bad thing. You create this idea of something in your head and when it finally happens it can often be hard for the actuality of it to match what you expected.

Did this happen with Omnivium? Yes and no. When Cosmogenesis came out it immediately floored me. They had set a new bar for technical death metal. It quenched my thirst for new Necrophagist and it came with zero expectations. That can be a downside for a followup to any album a person loves. Upon first listen my pants were tight. Very tight. Second and third listens I found myself not enjoying it as much, but certainly loving it.

I took a week off from listening to it. I allowed it to digest and lay dormant in the back of my mind. When I revisited it I did so with a more open mind. The excitement of having a new Obscura album had worn off. On the next few listens I heard a much more mature band. The songwriting seems more cohesive and very well structured. In a genre that often comes off as dudes just wanking their guitar, the band kills it. They are not confined to any type of limitations.

Omnivium throws all sorts of different feelings at the listening. When I think they've softened up a bit with the extended usage of acoustic guitars and cleans parts I next find myself hearing sheer brutality which could drop into a jazzy break at the drop of a hat.

The band's 3rd full length is not one that can be taken in by just one listen. Sure, that first listen will have you ooohing and aaaahing like fireworks, but the more you let it sink in the more you realize how absurdly brilliant this band truly is.

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PPS. Good review. I think you are on point.
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Great Review. This is probably one of my favorite albums of 2011. The entire album is amazing, but my favorite track would have to be "Septuagint." The song is just a perfect example of how talented this band is. Not only can both of the guitarists play, but the bass player is sick as well. He plays a fretless and his basslines are all over the place. There's even a section of "Septuagint" with a bass solo!

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