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Oh No Fiasco - Oh No Fiasco

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 05/23/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

First they were known as Thoroughfare, than as The Few, now Knoxville, TN natives call themselves Oh No Fiasco and released their self-titled album on May 10th of this year. Despite the name changes, the band members assure fans that they continue to make the music they love and started out making. What type of music is that exactly? They define themselves as "progressive dance rock", with drummer Colin Cunningham stating, "We're a rock band, undoubtedly, but we definitely get people dancing". Rock band? Sure. Electronic elements involved? Definitely. Dancing, though? I'm not so sure.

As soon as I started playing the first track on the album, "Stand In Lover", I immediately had to double check my iPod to see if I had mistakenly selected a Paramore album. Lead singer Lindsey Stamey's voices is so eerily similar to that of Haley Williams' that I'd venture to say Oh No Fiasco is a "poppier" version of her popular band. It took a few tracks until I noticed some distinguishing characteristics that distanced them from Paramore. "Clarity" is the track I prefer most on the release. It is a powerful song that demonstrates the band's range and leaves no doubt that they are talented. I'd place bets that this will be the hit song from the album. "Cardiac Resistance" is a straight alternative rock track while "Fly Me To The Moon" has a very poppy, upbeat sound. It's an incredibly catchy and engaging track that should appeal to a mainstream audience. The album closes with "The Constant", a slow and easy love song. It was a nice way to end the album and add some variety to the tracks.

Overall, it is a solid self-titled release. Fundamentally, Oh No Fiasco has all of the ingredients to be a successful pop rock band. Unfortunately, is there really a market for a band so similar to what is already out there? I think a lot of the public will be left thinking "this is something I've heard before" and a lot may confuse them with bands already out. I certainly don't find myself dancing to any of the songs on this album, and everyone knows I love to dance, but maybe that's just me. If Oh No Fiasco wants to attain global success, they are going to have to do more to distinguish themselves from what is already out in the music industry today. You don't make a name for yourself by doing what has already been done.

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