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Paint It Black - New Lexicon

ScrewFlanders   (5 reviews)

Posted: 01/13/2010 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

While Dan Yemin is responsible for some of my favorite records of all time (Jerseys Best Dancers, Kid Dynamite S/T) but to be honest, for whatever reason, I was never fully into Paint It Black. I've seen them fairly often over the last few years but nothing really has moved me one way or the other. I must say though that they always put on an intense live show and the band always gets an intense reaction when playing live.

Upon listening to the third full length from the band the 2008 release New Lexicon, I have to say that I do enjoy this more than the other releases I have heard. The recording on this album has a lot of subtle sounds that add to the record past the standard hardcore/punk mix. Co-Producer Oktopus of hip-hop duo Dälek adds the samples and the electronic tinkering that add that little extra to the album.

Which isn't to say this release doesn’t have the pissed off vocals and music that the band is known for. The album is full of lyrics and vocals that will have you singing and diving a long, whether that be with the bedroom mosh or the countless of times the band plays in the area. Finally giving New Lexicon the attention it deserves has motivated me to check out the 2009 releases the band put out that I have slept on.

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good review. love paint it black. this is all I listened to when it first came out. also, the two 7 inches they released last year were really good too so check em out if you haven't already.
nah im alright
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Ive got Amnesia on my iPod, still have to grab the other one, im sure ill see them soon and i can get it.
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amnesia was awesome, here's the other 7in "surrender" can't wait to see them again.
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