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PanzerBastard - Centurion

matt.jerauld   (5 reviews)

Posted: 10/29/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

"First and foremost, PanzerBastard are not a political band," as stated on the bands webpage. What PanzerBastard are is a fusion of heavy metal and punk. If you like bands such as Motorhead and Venom, you should definitely check this band out. I was surprised to see two Celtic Frost cover songs on this EP: I Won't Dance and The Usurper. After hearing them, I was very pleased with the outcome. Life Waster and Centurion were impressive songs with a very Slayer and Venom-esque sound. Fatherless Son of War Machine delivered a good punk rock sound almost like Motorhead. That song can be found on their split called 2006-2009. If you like your punk and heavy metal loud, you should check this band out. The best band I have reviewed so far.

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