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Paths of Possession - The End of the Hour

Kyle K.   (14 reviews)

Posted: 12/13/2008 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

This CD possesses one thing: complete suckage. I don't remember metal being this boring or not heavy. I almost don't want to insult an entire genre by labeling this death metal. Even with George Corpsegrinder Fisher on vocals, the band cannot be saved.

Where to start? Well, for one, the opening track does NOT disappoint. In fact, it's a good blend of heavy riffs layered by melodic guitar. It sounds like a leftover from Carcass' Heartwork, but it sets what should've been the tone for the entire CD. Even displays an awesome solo. And as a fan of Heartwork, I was excited for the rest of the CD.

And then it drops off and it's mindless writing from there on out, and none of it even sounds heavy. It could be classified as metal-lite if you wanted to call it something. Not one thing about any of the other tracks comes off as memorable. The bass sticks out sometimes and has a more prominent sound than you'd typically hear, but gives us nothing that could save this band.

The vocals, as are to be expected, are the best part of this band, as Fisher doesn't disappoint. Otherwise, I feel like this band is catering to some kids who want to pretend to like death metal. Remember when Florida DM was an instant win? Not if you're Paths of Possession.

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install Spawn Of Possession....much better.

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