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Picture Me Broken - Wide Awake

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 10/20/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Picture Me Broken classifies themselves as a five piece screamo band from the Bay area. They released their debut full length Wide Awake with Megaforce Records on July 6th of this year. Before the release, Picture Me Broken has seen varied success; they were a part of Warped Tour, won an MTV Music Award for Best Breakout Bay Area Artist (pretty limiting category) in 2009, and even have a song that's available for play on Rock Band 2. Going into this review, I had several reservations. First, it is a female fronted band, which generally never seems to go well. Secondly, they classify themselves as "screamo". Do I really need to elaborate on that? Anyway, let's get into it.

The first track, "Dearest (I'm So Sorry), is the one that is available for download on Rock Band. I would liken Brooklyn's vocals to that of Hayley from Paramore. It starts off well, the band is pretty heavy and well produced, and the vocals are smooth with the screaming relatively refined. Then it just goes downhill from there. As expected, the band starts the typical breakdown moment. If I ever caught my friends moshing to this band or an equivalent, I would immediately stop knowing them. I've always liked bands that decide what they are. You're either rock or you're hardcore, don't change your mind halfway through the song, despite the fact that it seems to be increasingly popular these days. Brooklyn's screaming is generic and uninteresting and even the backup screaming provides by the males is nothing to write home about. This is pretty much the trend for the entire album. I won't say that it is all terrible, though. I actually quite enjoyed "Forevermore". The melody peaked my interest immediately and the track really showcase's the vocalist talent. This is the type of singing she should stick to. I also liked "If I Ever Wake Again". Everything else; I'll pass.

Was I surprised by Picture Me Broken's Wide Awake. Absolutely not. It was exactly what I expected. Commercial, generic, and right on par with the other screamo garbage that kids with bad hair and too much eyeliner just eat up these days. I will say, that as a singer, Brooklyn has a great voice and the rest of the band isn't half bad. Sadly, I'm sure this band will see a decent amount of success because they are right on par with the rest of main stream "hardcore" that the emo youth love.

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