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Pig Destroyer - Prowler In The Yard (Reissue)

bryan.batiste   (152 reviews)

Posted: 09/16/2015 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

Regarded as one of the most important grindcore albums of all time, Prowler In The Yard has been remixed and remastered by Pig Destroyer guitarist Scott Hull. I know some of you that hold the album near and dear to your heart are cringing, thinking this 23 track beast got the "slick production treatment". The first 5 seconds of opener "Cheerleader Corpses" will assure you that this shit sounds heavier than ever.

From the improved low end in the kick drum and detail in the snare and overheads, to the increased clarity in Hull's wall of guitars, its a much improved listening experience for an album that's garnered repeated listens from fans. I am one of those fans, and It was pretty crazy to hear these songs new and improved after years of the original mix. This Deluxe Reissue has the original album along with the 2015 mixes, so you can listen for yourself to hear the astonishing improvements made. It is available now via Relapse Records.

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as a long time fan of this band/album and Scott Hull in general, shamed to say that the new mix is off point. shouldn't have touched it.
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It's a great album. I don't think I want to hear it remixed, but I'd give it a try.
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