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Polaris At Noon - En Pointe

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 03/21/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Hipsters rejoice! From Orange County comes indie dance-rock outfit Polaris at Noon. With popularity growing up and down the west coast, Jason Suwito and the band wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered their upcoming EP En Pointe on their own in Suwito's personal studio. The EP releases on April 12th, and they have a fresh new sound that you won't want to miss.

The EP opens well with “Far Away”. With an engaging beat and decent lyrics, it sets the pace for this electronica infused pop rock album. I absolutely love “MIA Satellite”. It’s a smooth track and really showcases Jason Suwito’s voice. I’ve also found that, with electronica albums, the songs tend to lack variety. Polaris At Noon is successfully able to produce unique songs under that genre’s umbrella. My interest remained peaked with “On”. The beat is addictive, and I can’t help but dance with myself while listening to it, or during the whole EP for that matter. “Rain” is the only track on the EP that I don’t particularly care for. It’s not a bad song, it just falls flat. I will say that the vocals remind me a bit of a post-Make Yourself Brandon Boyd of Incubus infamy. Finally, En Point ends on a decent note with “Red”. The song makes me want to take a road trip to the nearest beach and have a sun down party with my closest friends.

Overall, I really enjoyed the En Pointe EP. Part of what I love about reviewing is being turned on to new bands and sounds that would not have hit my playlists otherwise. Polaris At Noon is ready to set the soundtrack for your summer. If you enjoy dance rock with an easy vibe, you should be looking forward to April 12th.

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