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Potluck - Rhymes and Resin

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 09/07/2011 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Potluck is a hip hop duo from Humbolt County, California. Underrated and 1 Ton make up this Suburban Noize group. As with most of the other bands on this label their focus is the use of Marijuana. There are multiple guests on here including Mistah FAB, Glasse Malone and Psychopathic records artist Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

Although the subject matter is the same, this doesn't feel like a typical Suburban Noize group. The beats have a more typical underground hip hop sound to them. It reminds me more of Atmosphere than Kottonmouth Kings. It does have some Kottonmouth Kings parts but had I heard this without the knowledge of their record label I would never have known.

They are really good rappers. They have very good flow and rhymes. They also don't fall into rapping the same way on every song giving each song its own identity and truly showing the range of their abilities. Amongst their party songs and typical rap songs they have a few insightfull songs. "Forbidden Love" is about falling in love with a rich girl being considered low class. "Gonna Be Alright" is about things getting better despite the troubled times we are in now. Thankfully they don't autotune on here except on "I am T Pain" which is a skit making fun of autotuning and specifically T Pain for using it.

The copy I received included a bonus disc included if you purchased it at FYE. This disc has five tracks and includes the song with Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Four of the tracks are actually better than anything on the actual album. Even the Blaze Ya Dead Homie song is really awesome. Unfortunately the last song "Sexting" is the worst track between the two discs.

This album really surprised me. Not every track is a winner but very few of the tracks are unlistenable. With 25 tracks (two being skits) only five worth skipping including one of the skits and one off the bonus disc. I really enjoyed this album but I'm sure the stigma of being associated with Suburban Noize and ICP may put people off. Its not the best album to come out but it warrants a couple listens when I'm in the mood for some hip hop.

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but is Blaze my dead homie? or am i supposed to blaze my dead homie? get back to me asap. thanks in advance. ttyl.
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I would assume he is your dead homie named Blaze.
I brought gifts
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i'm kinda mad about that

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