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Rachel McHugh - Living Room

kilgoretrout   (50 reviews)

Posted: 11/29/2010 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

The internet has been a hindrance to some in the music industry, and an unbelievable asset to others. For the musicians who are more interested in getting their music out there to the masses, and not as concerned with monetary gain, the latter is most definitely true, as is the case with Rachel McHugh and her three song release, "Living Room", recorded less than two weeks ago. The promotional material that came with the album said that the three songs were recorded in Rachel's living room with her friends filtering in and out.

So a concept album only in the basest sense, named after where it was recorded. McHugh plays the guitar, the violin, and sings on this release, and can do all three exceedingly well. One thing I really enjoyed about Living Room is that the violin is very tastefully done. I've heard a lot of indie and folk bands that use a violin as more of a leading instrument instead of a background one. McHugh adds little flourishes of violin to break up monotony in the acoustic guitar and softly brushed drums.

All three songs on Living Room are great. I especially like McHugh's voice on album opener, New Home. My only complaint about this album is that there are only three tracks of blissed out pop music for me to tap my foot and bob my head to. Do yourself a favor, and track down this album.

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vanilla gorilla
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actually, you can listen to it right on this site - check it out
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ah shit, didn't realized, link fixed.
I have no legs!
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Download "Living Room" here!!

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